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This book on Employee Theft is divided into five parts:

Part One highlights stories of those on various sides of the employee theft epidemic: the people who steal, the loss prevention people who try to stop them, and the store/business owners: a human face on theft.

Part Two provides a guide to various reasons why people steal from work, important data, statistics, and the challenges and issues that arise: new perspectives.

Part Three provides some progressive strategies to reducing and treating employee theft: new solutions.

Part Four includes exercises to help people stop stealing and move toward greater peace and wholeness: recovery.

Part Five focuses on related topics which did not fit as well in the other parts.


I dedicate this book to the millions of people around this world who have "bitten the hand that feeds" and to the families and friends who are affected as well. May this book serve as a lifeline to recovery. You are not alone. There is hope.

I also dedicate this book to the brave souls who have contributed their stories in this book, to those who have already sought help, and to those who have made a difference in the lives of others by seeing with curiosity, compassion and faith the pain and the hope in each other.

Table of Contents and Introduction

From the preface

My first book "Something for Nothing: Shoplifting Addiction and Recovery" (Infinity Publishing, 2004) took seven years--on and off--to write and publish. As with shoplifting, this book is about a similar epidemic--employee theft: both are far more than just moral, financial, or legal issues. Both books are intended as personal and professional offerings. As a therapist, attorney and consultant--and as one who intermittently shoplifted and stole from work from 1982-1990--I hope I have something unique and valuable to add to a new conversation on employee theft. Click here to continue reading from the preface.

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Biting the Hand that Feeds, The Employee Theft Epidemic
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